Pop-up Cut-outs

Architectural paper cut-outs installed in a frame


Colloquial English Typography cut out of one sheet of paper installed in a frame.

Walking down memory lane

Typical Melbourne residential housing


Miniature models of industry

Ho Chi Minh City

Pop up Vietnam

Waiting for Somethin'

A stop motion and hand drawn animation exploring the everyday

Buning & Buning

A short story written by my sister Claudia and myself.

The first humans

I've drawn for a very long time


An artist book created for the ARTTown exhibition organised by Chapel street precinct


A Nepalese tambura player in a flip book

Meanwhile, elsewhere

A stop motion animation, 3:16m. Music by the brilliant Niklas Stade.

One Canada Square

Ink on paper, 59 x 191cm

The Lloyds of London

Ink on six A1 sheets of paper, 170 x 160cm

A vertical city

Pigment ink on paper, 236 x 157cm

Canon A1

An operating manual


Ink on various paper, inspired by various spacial designs


The ones really deep down the sea